Using Cedar to Store Clothing

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Inappropriate clothing storage practices can expose your clothes to destruction by pests, mildew, and dust. Storing off-season clothing can be made easier by using cedar. While certain chemicals may also be used to prevent damage, they may pose a health risk. With cedar, clothing storage during off seasons won’t create a health concern or produce an unpleasant odor. Cedar products offer a natural way to safeguard your clothes during storage.

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Cedar: A Safer Alternative

Cedar offers a natural way of safeguarding your clothes. Unlike the use of chemical products, which may pose a health risk to those living in your home, cedar offers a safer alternative. It is naturally derived from cedar plants and produces a sweet scent compared to harsh, chemical-based products, and it acts as a repellent to pests.

Non-Cedar Products

You don’t have to have use real cedar to get the same scent! Apply cedar oil to plastic clothes storing boxes, boxes, and hangers. This will create the unique cedar smell while being in control of the amount of oil used. You can also renew the scent of old cedar by rubbing the aging closet lining with sandpaper.

A Variety of Uses

There are multiple ways of using cedar when storing clothes. A variety of cedar products can be used when storing your clothes, including cedar linings, cedar hangers, cedar oil, or a cedar-wood. The distinctive smell of cedar keeps moths and other pests from infesting and reproducing in your storage place.

Odor Removal

Besides repelling pests, cedar also absorbs foul odors and moisture. Storing clothes for a long period of time often results in a musty smell, but cedar helps absorb this odor and leaves your clothes smelling fresh after storage. Other chemical-based agents may repel pests, but they could result in a lasting, unpleasant smell on your clothes.

Using cedar is a safer option to chemical alternatives, warding off destruction to your clothing from bugs, moisture and dirt. For more information on storage options in the Kansas City, St. Joseph or Owasso areas, please contact Attic Management Group.


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