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Welcome to Attic Storage

Attic Storage is proud to provide high quality storage solutions. With over 20 years in the industry, we are experts in self-storage. We provide storage solutions to the greater Kansas City and St. Joseph, Missouri areas with an additional location in Oklahoma.

Each of our locations has storage solutions for your needs. Our staff will explain our available units and help you determine the best unit for your unique needs.

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  1. Secure Storage Tips – How to Protect Stored Clothing

    When storing clothing for long periods of time, proper secure storage measures need to be taken. Clothes will only store as well as you prepare them. It’s simple; clothes that are not stored properly will quickly deteriorate, whereas clothing that is stored well will stay fresher for longer periods of...
  2. Clear the Basement Clutter

    Ever toss something old in your basement thinking you might use it later, and then never do? Even if you don’t consider yourself a hoarder, chances are that there are items in your basement that you should have disposed of ages ago. From boxes of clothes to old and broken...
  3. Using Cedar to Store Clothing

    Inappropriate clothing storage practices can expose your clothes to destruction by pests, mildew, and dust. Storing off-season clothing can be made easier by using cedar. While certain chemicals may also be used to prevent damage, they may pose a health risk. With cedar, clothing storage during off seasons won’t create a...