Storage Unit Tips: How to Prepare Your Items for Cold Weather

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storage unitStorage unit preparation is an absolute must as we head toward colder weather months. While you make this transition, you may consider storing your summer clothes, equipment, furniture, and sporting equipment in a storage unit. A storage unit is a great solution to any spacial constraints you might have. However, the proper storage unit precautions need to be taken to ensure that your belongings are ready for cold weather. Attic Management Group, your Kansas City expert, is here share some storage unit gems.

Cold Weather Storage Unit 101:


Your first order of business should be cleaning all items made of fabric, such as clothes and curtains, that you will not use during cold weather. Taking this step will help prevent mold and pests from invading your storage unit.


The next item on your storage unit checklist should be cleaning your summer shoes. As you prepare them, clean and dry them in open air. Next, stuff them with newspapers, which will help your shoes — especially leather ones — maintain their shape. In addition, be sure to condition your leather shoes before you place them in your storage unit for winter. Lastly, use separate shoe bags for each pair to protect them from any outside elements that may enter your storage unit during cold weather.

Motorized Equipment

Before it gets too cold, drain gas from all of your motorized equipment like lawn mowers. Also, clean them up, using lubricant on any metal parts in an effort to prevent them from rusting while they are in your storage unit.

Sporting Equipment

Cold weather makes it just about impossible for you to go water skiing or surfing. Because of this, you should put any summer sporting equipment in storage. Thoroughly cleaning and drying your sporting equipment in crucial. These expensive pieces of recreational equipment need additional protection when they are in your storage unit. For an affordable fix, use large boxes to store them and prevent any storage unit-induced damage.

More Storage Unit Pointers:

  • All the storage boxes should be sealed to prevent moisture from entering.

  • Label your boxes to make it easy to identify the items that can be removed when warm weather returns.

  • Avoid plastic bags, because they tend to lock in moisture, which can encourage mold growth and potentially destroy your stored items. It is important to ensure your storage boxes are acid-free to safeguard them from chemical degradation.

  • If you are storing several items in one box, use tissues to separate them. Place silica gel packs in each of the boxes before you seal them, though. Silica gel is a desiccant, which absorbs moisture.

Protect Your Storage Unit Belongings Today.

When it comes to your personal belongings, you can never take too many storage unit precautions. Be employing these cold weather safeguards, you are sure to successfully protect your storage unit items all winter long.

For more storage unit-related information, contact Attic Management Group of Kansas City at (913) 269-4583 today.

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