Storage Unit: How to Pick the Right Size

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When it comes time to store your valuables, knowing how to pick the right-sized storage unit is important. With an abundance of storage solutions available, it can be difficult to make the right selection if you do not know what you actually need. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can determine the storage solution that best suits your unique situation, cutting down on potentially expensive storage unit costs.

Tips for Selecting the Correct-Sized Storage Unit

Storage Unit Tips: Use Reference Points

For simple and small quantities of items, you can estimate the space needed by the sizes of the individual items. However, it gets more complicated to estimate when the items are oddly shaped and as the quantities increase.Both these situations need some good reference points to help you select the correct size. Luckily, there are a number of available resources that make this process much easier than anticipated. Need some extra help with this process? We can provide you with some starting points.

Smallest Storage Unit

The size of a storage unit needed for a chest of drawers, several boxes, and a bicycle is 25 square feet (5 feet x 5 feet) and this number can be used as a good starting point. Have double the items that need to be stored? It is fair to assume that you will need a storage unit twice the size of your original reference point. Whether you have fewer, or more, belongings that need to be stored these size comparisons can help you choose a storage unit that works for you.

storage unitMedium-Sized Storage Unit

There are a lot of sizes of storage solutions, many of which fall between the smallest and largest-sized units available. In approximately 150 square feet (10 feet x 15 feet), you can store most items from a two-bedroom apartment. To put things in perspective, consider the fact that this area can accommodate the following items: a sofa, file cabinet, chair and table, wheelbarrow, hand-truck, exercise machine, refrigerator, and suitcases. While you probably have some different belongings you want to store, these items still accurately represent the various-sized things you can fit in this type of storage unit.

Largest Storage Unit

The largest size of a traditional storage unit is 300 square feet (10 feet x 30 feet), which compares to a two-car garage. This is a fair amount of space, but sometimes, your belongings may require more, or less, room. What all can you fit inside of this facility? This size storage unit enables you to store the following: a sofa, loveseat, washer/dryer, two box springs/mattresses, file cabinet, chest of drawers, chair and table, hand-truck, exercise machine(s), refrigerator, and suitcases.

Find a Storage Unit Today

Everyone has different needs, so you may want to store items that differ from those mentioned above. If this is the case, use the listed items to compare to the size of items you plan to store. In the event that you need more storage units for rent, continue using these references or consult a storage unit specialist.

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