How to Store Sports Collectables

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sports collectablesBecause it often takes a lot of time and money to acquire them, sports collectables must be kept safe. Whether you plan to sell your sports memorabilia, or hope to keep it for a lifetime, it is important to keep these items in pristine condition. Unsure about how you can protect these prized items? Safely storing your sports collectables is easy — take our word for it, we are storage experts!

Tips for the Safekeeping of Sports Collectables

Protective Sleeves

Collectable sports cards are fun to gather, but they can become easily damaged over time. If you plan to store these delicate collectibles for long periods of time, opt for plastic sleeves that will protect your cards from direct sunlight. Doing so will prevent them from getting long-term surface damage. Once your cards have been safely tucked into protective sleeves, make sure to put them in a flat binder. In addition to creating a nice presentation, this will help you keep track of your card collection.

The Elements: Keep them away from Sports Collectables

For extra protection, store memorabilia and baseball cards away from the elements. This means they should not be near food and water to ensure that they will not become contaminated with moisture. If these sports collectables are exposed to sunlight and artificial light, they will also deteriorate over time. Humidity is also another element that should be avoided. Exposure to humidity can lead to the growth of mold, which is detrimental to these collectables.

Sports Collectibles: Other Storage Solutions

Commemorative baseballs, hockey sticks, bats, helmets, and other sports collectables should all be stored in protective display cases. When it comes to display cases, opt for ones with glass that will protect items from fading and dust. As an added bonus, nicer quality display cases tend to be more attractive, providing an overall nicer appearance. Memorabilia like tickets, photos, magazines, and event programs are prone to damage, so you will need to find creative storage solutions for these sports collectables. These items can be mounted, displayed, and/or protected using collectable frames.

Protect your Sports Collectables Sooner than Later

Exposure to smoke, food, water, sun, and wind can be potentially hazardous to your sports collectables, so it is best to store them far away from these dangers. When it comes to the safekeeping of these keepsakes, there is no such thing as taking too many precautions. The sooner you can protect your sports collectables, the better off these items will be.

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