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toy storageDo you want to preserve your children’s favorite keepsakes through proper toy storage? As parents, you can’t help cherishing toys and little things that brought your children happiness. If you want to make sure these special things are protected for years to come, proper storage is crucial. Your children have cared for these toys, and in just a few simple toy storage steps, you can keep them safe, too.

Toy Storage 101

Toy Storage Step #1 – Sort

The first step of safe toy storage is sorting. You will want to start by separating things by their materials. Avoid storing fragile and heavy duty items in the same box. If stored together, they simply won’t last. To endure the test of time, they must be separated.

Toy Storage Step #2 – Clean

Wooden & Plastic Items

After you have sorted the toys into piles, you will want to clean them thoroughly. Before you begin cleaning, make sure to remove the batteries from those toys that use energy. Removing the batteries helps prevent them from corroding and ruining the sensitive electronic parts inside of toys. Once the batteries are removed, wipe down plastic and wooden items with a mild solution of Lysol or another disinfectant.


Textiles can be disinfected by sitting in the sun for a few hours or even being laundered. Toys like dolls need a professional cleaning, though, if you don’t want to make them to lose their coloring or shape. Cleaning these items well is important because it helps prevent the growth of mold or bacteria.

Toy Storage Step #3 – Store

Once items have been cleaned and disinfected, you can now wrap keepsakes and put them in their respective boxes. Make sure to select the proper boxes, the best are those that are acid free or are made of polyethylene (typically known as plastic boxes.) If you want the toys to be preserved well, opt for plastic boxes that allow air to circulate throughout the container. To prevent damage to these items, wrap each item in a cotton sheet before storing them.


Once everything is packed away, find a safe location for these items. A good location is somewhere that is dry, out of direct sunlight, and away from mice and insects. The best places for toy storage are your bedroom, closets, or beneath a guest bed. Never store old toys in the garage, basement, or any place in the house that is rarely visited. These places have fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, which can cause serious damage to these items.

Safely storing your children’s toys and keepsakes is as easy as one, two, three. Your children have cared for these toys, so take the time to make sure these items are stored safely. For more information about our toy storage solutions, contact the Attic Management Group.

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