Secure Storage Tips – How to Protect Stored Clothing

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When storing clothing for long periods of time, proper secure storage measures need to be taken. Clothes will only store as well as you prepare them. It’s simple; clothes that are not stored properly will quickly deteriorate, whereas clothing that is stored well will stay fresher for longer periods of time. If you want to preserve your clothing throughout the storage process, some basic steps need to be taken. Below we created a list with all the details you’ll need to know.

secure storageStep 1 – Air out Clothing and Storage Containers


Start by emptying the garments’ pockets, shaking them out well, and air them in direct sunlight. Airing your clothes in the sun helps keeps moths away, so this is an important pre-storage step that should be taken.


To ensure the absolute secure storage of your clothing, make a routine of also airing out boxes, closets, cupboards, and anywhere else you plan to store clothing. Doing so helps make spaces less dusty and more dry.

Step 2 – Launder Clothing

It is also important to launder stored garments frequently. Just because you aren’t wearing your stored clothing, does not mean they don’t need to be washed. If your items can’t be washed, take other appropriate cleaning measures. For instance, coats, shawls, and suits should be pressed and sponged. Dry cleaning is also a great option for items that can’t go through the normal washing and drying cycles. Each time you launder items, make sure they are promptly placed back inside of their secure storage units.

Step 3 – Secure Storage Solution Criteria

When you need a secure storage solution for overcoats and suits, you should hang them on a clothing hanger properly, making sure that their shoulders are resting in the right position, with plenty of support. This will help them keep their shape longer.


Both hung and folded clothing should always remain in a secure storage solution that maintains a cool temperature.


In addition to a cool area, clothes should also be stored in dark areas. This is critical because, in most cases, light makes colored clothing fade quickly, even in the most secure storage containers.


At the time of storage, nothing should be damp; according to experts, moisture causes mildew. If mildew penetrates into your clothes’ fiber, the clothing’s color will be compromised and sometimes fall into small pieces.


For extra protection, feel free to place neem leaves, naphthalene, and insecticides inside of your secure storage locations. These insecticides will protect your clothes from being attacked by insects, moths, and even mildew.

At Attic Management Group, we are experts in secure storage solutions. When it comes to the secure storage of your clothing, these tips should help protect your garments for longer periods of time. For more information about our secure storage units, contact us today.

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