Proper Jewelry Storage

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Your jewelry collection is a delicate investment that should be handled with care to guarantee a long-lasting lifespan. Each piece of your jewelry is probably made uniquely, which means you must also care for each piece individually. Different types of metals and materials require different types of caring methods, whether they’re silver, gold, gemstones, or pearls. In order to preserve your jewelry collection and keep it looking new, each piece must be properly stored according to its material. Here are a few tips to help you store your jewelry safely.

Storing your jewelry properly


Silvery jewelry should always be stored in dry, airtight containers with minimal exposure to oxygen, which is known to tarnish sterling silver. Special oxygen-absorbent cloths can be purchased from the jewelry stores to greatly minimizing the exposure of your silver jewelry to air and prevent tarnishing. Silver jewelry should not be stored with gemstones, which could cause nicks and scratches.


Like silver jewelry, gold jewelry should not be stored with gemstones in order to protect them from scratches. Gold pieces should be stored in a stationery box with a soft and smooth inside lining to protect them from being tarnished or scratched by jostling and movement. You can store all your gold jewelry in one container, unlike gemstones and pearls. Keep your gold (and all other) jewelry out of children’s reach to protect it from being mishandled.


Each piece of a gemstone jewelry should be stored separately from others. For example, when storing gemstone earrings, each piece of the pair should be separated and stored in a different container. The containers should have a soft interior lining to minimize marks and scratches. They should be completely separated from silver and gold jewelry.


Pearls are typically the most delicate of all jewelry. Therefore, they should be stored in the softest and least-abrasive environment possible. A softly lined jewelry box or a Chinese silk pouch are the most ideal containers for pearl storage. They should be separated from other jewelry, and each piece should be stored separately. Hanging pearl jewelry is not advised. Instead, lay them flat to prevent them from being stretched and detached from the connecting thread. Stretched pearl jewelry must be restrung by a professional, which could turn into a costly repair.


All jewelry is delicate and should be handled with utmost care to ensure that each piece maintains its color and shine. Jewelry should not be stored in units that may be exposed to excessive heat. It can, however, be kept in a climate-controlled unit that is maintained at a proper temperature. Contact Attic Management Group to find a storage location near you.

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