Safely Store A Record Collection in Self-Storage

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Record Collection in Self-Storage

Record collections can be difficult to maintain in self-storage without taking the proper preparations. Vinyl records can quickly become scratched and warped, making them virtually useless. Regardless of if you have a small or huge collection, following these self-storage tips will help you preserve your collections for decades to come.

Keep Vinyl Records Upright in Self-Storage

The first thing amateur record collectors think about when putting a collection in storage is how they can maximize their space. It’s incredibly tempting to place the records into large stacks with each record laid flat on top of one another. With only a small amount of heat, these records will begin to warp downward, making them completely useless. You should always allow the records to stand upright in your self-storage unit. A great way to accomplish this is by using milk crates, which can be easily carried and offer more stable stacking.

Self-Storage Climate Control

This is extremely important to safely storing your vinyl record collection. The worst things you can expose your collection to is heat and moisture. Many people decide to store their collection at home in the attic. During the summer months this area will, most likely, extend way beyond the safe zone for your precious vinyl, but a closet is not much better. While your living areas are going to be much cooler, closets still do not offer proper ventilation. Enough heat and moisture can potentially build up in a closet to ruin your collection.

The best solution is to rent a climate controlled self-storage unit. You can find a small storage unit with climate control that will easily house your entire collection and be an extremely affordable option.

Always Use Vinyl Record Sleeves

Just because the record is not being played does not mean it cannot be scratched. Everything the record comes into contact with and any subtle rubbing can build up scratches over time. If you don’t have the original sleeve, you can always purchase cheap generic sleeves to protect your collection.

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