Preparing A Car For Self Storage

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Preparing A Car For Self StorageAre you thinking about placing a car into a self-storage unit? Before you do, make sure to follow these steps to prepare your car for storage.

Routine Checkup & Maintenance

You will want to perform any routine maintenance on the vehicle before placing it into a storage unit, even if that means doing it ahead of schedule. This will include having an oil change. Even engine oil with under 1,000 miles on it contains enough contamination that can potentially cause corrosion during storage. You will also want to replace the brake fluid and engine coolant. Antifreeze actually contains anti-corrosion detergents to prevent your engine from rusting while being stored.

Fill Up The Tank

The last thing you want is for moisture to build up inside your tank and fuel lines while the car is sitting in a storage unit. Gasoline absorbs moisture naturally. To minimize the accumulation of moisture, fill up your gas tank before placing the vehicle in your storage unit.

Over-inflate Your Tires

When operating your vehicle you never want to have the tires over-inflated. However, over-inflating them while being kept in a storage unit can lower the risk of the tires developing “flat spots” or “burn spots”. Automotive tires are not cheap and you don’t want to pull your car out of storage only to find that you need to replace all four tires.

Make sure that you do not go beyond the maximum pressure specs for the tires when over-inflating. If you exceed the maximum amount you run the risk of the tires exploding, especially if the car is being stored in a hot environment or during the summer months.

Disconnect the Car Battery

The battery in your car will drain itself even when the vehicle is turned off. Although this amount of energy consumption is minimal, by not running the vehicle to recharge the battery, it will quickly kill the battery. If you disconnect the battery before putting it into storage you can avoid the cost of replacing it when you pull the vehicle back out.

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