“Summer” Clean Your Closet

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organized closetClosets can get over stuffed with storage items and bulkier winter or spring clothes. Who says you should only do spring cleaning? With summer finally here, it’s time to de-clutter and “summer” clean your closet.

Let it Go

First and foremost, go through your closet. If you’re still loaded up with Christmas presents or heavy clothing you acquired more than six months ago, it’s fair game. Heavy shoes, purses, and clothes need to go. A good rule of thumb is, if it hasn’t been worn or used in six months to a year—pitch it. Better yet, donate it if it’s in decent condition. This may take awhile, but don’t get discouraged. Anything you’re dead-set on keeping can always be put into storage.

We have all seen those organized, sleek, luxurious closets that are all over Pinterest. And if your wardrobe is anything like mine (packed to the brim), you’ve been dreaming about that perfect closet all year. Now you can have it.

Using shoe racks or cubbies can help eliminate clutter on the floor by keeping shoes paired and in a confined space. Rearranging clothes will bring your most used seasonal items to the front of the closet, while placing sweaters and coats in the back until next winter.

No Closets, Never Fear

Many smaller apartments and homes are lacking when it comes to closets or storage space. Keeping your clothes organized and wrinkle free can pose a problem, but a small extra room could be made into a walk-in closet.

All it takes is installing hanging rods for most frequented items and a dresser for items that aren’t used often. The dresser still allows easy access, yet keeps non-necessities out of the way. If you want a more bare-bones look, rods can be replaced by rolling racks and dressers with shelves. This layout keeps all options in plain sight.

Organizing your closet doesn’t have to be a miserable chore. By breaking it down into a few simple steps, you create small goals that allow you to feel accomplished at each point—even if it takes a week to finish. If you find you just don’t have room for the clothes and accessories you aren’t using this summer, contact Attic Management Group for all your storage needs.

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