Time for spring cleaning!

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Beautiful spring weather is right around the corner which means it is time for your yearly spring cleaning! Get your cleaning equipment ready as you’ll be cleaning your home from top to bottom!

Here are some tips on your spring cleaning projects:

  • Focus on big furniture and your most used rooms first. Your furnishings, appliances and carpeting should be your top priority!spring-cleaning-attic-storage

  • Doormats – After a long winter of dragging in salt, mud, snow, etc., your doormats are going to be in terrible shape. Shake them out, throw them in your washer or just replace them at your house. It’ll make a big difference!

  • Carpets – Shampooing your carpets goes a long way. Again, after a long winter of snow, your carpets will be in bad shape. You also spend more time inside during the winter months. Calling in a professional will ensure that the job is done right and that leaves you without the burden of moving furniture around.

  • Finish your floors – Sometimes what your house needs the most is for everything to look shiny again. Get your floor cleaned with some heavy duty cleaners and use a wax or sealant to help protect it from another year of wear and tear.

  • Wash walls, cabinets, etc. – You remember your first apartment in college and how you had to wash your walls when you moved out. It is a good idea to give your walls a bath once a year. Use a sponge with dishwashing detergent and then dry it off with a clean cloth.

  • Clean ceiling fixtures – Dust ceiling fans and air conditioning vents. They get really dirty… especially in the winter time.

  • Vacuum – Vacuuming is the last thing you’ll want to do once you’re done cleaning your whole house. The displacement of dirt and dust will mean you’ll want to use a heavy duty vacuum to get all the excess mess up.

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